Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member of USS?

Visit our Membership page for details on this process. 

2. I did not receive the latest Center Page newsletter?

Call or stop at the Welcome Center desk and tell the staff that you are not receiving your Center Page. The first thing staff will do is check to see if your membership is current. Members who have not renewed their membership for the current year will not be sent a Center Page. 

If your membership is current the staff will check the Master Newsletter Mailing List to see if you are on the list and to verify the address on that list. 

If your membership is current and you are listed on the Master Newsletter Mailing List correctly, the issue may be with the United States Post Office. The Center Page is mailed at the Non-Profit rate, which has the same delivery time as U.S. Standard Rate (also known as Bulk Mail.) Typically you can expect delivery in 10-14 days. The United States Postal Service will not forward or return mail if the mailing address is incorrect.          

In addition, if you live in a complex or community where there are multiple mailboxes, check with your postal delivery person to be sure they are delivering your newsletter to the correct address. 

3. How do I find out what types of services, activities, and events and offered by USS?

Learn more about the services USS provide by visiting the Get Support page. Our activities and events are listed on the Get Involved page and in our Calendar.